PAX ’08: Line Line Revolution

The unofficial theme of PAX ’08 was “standing in line is awesome.” Behold some of the incredible line action on Sunday, the least crowded day of the expo.

The line for Rock Band 2, which is way different from Rock Band, and totally worth standing in line for 30 minutes to play.

Rock Band 2 Line

One of about a dozen mini-lines for the Starcraft II terminals.

Starcraft II Line

At least these people waiting to play Singstar at the Sony booth had a chance of winning free prizes.

Singstar Line

I can see why people would stand in line to play Left 4 Dead. I mean, it’s not like there are any other video games around where you can shoot zombies.

Left 4 Dead Line

The best I can figure is that the people in the back of this picture are waiting in line at the Bungie booth to play Halo 3.

Bungie Line

Who wouldn’t want to wait in line for half an hour or more to cram into a phone booth sized box where you can play a first-person-shooter—in space!

Dead Space Line

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2 Comments on "PAX ’08: Line Line Revolution"

  1. Just shows you how little about this particular thing lends itself to humor.

  2. Jonathan Gardner | 2008-09-01 at 9:38 PM |

    When is Line Line Revolution going to be released and on what platforms? Did the developers say?

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