PAX Photos for Great Justice

How about a few pictures from the majesty that is PAX?

Jerry & Mike answer questions from a bunch of reporters. Jerry on booth babes: “I’m not going to slap around any women.” Good to know.

Jerry & Mike

Felicia Day (of Dr. Horrible fame) was here, promoting The Guild. Some dumb reporter got in my shot.

Felicia Day

Ok so the screen is totally washed out, but trust me, this is some of the Omeganauts competing at Boom Blox (one of the Wii’s most fun games).

Boom Blox

A pair of “Frag Dolls” demonstrate Ubisoft’s upcoming Naruto title, the sequel to Rise of a Ninja. Looks pretty sweet. The game, I mean.

Frag Dolls



Judging by the nerds’ willingness to stand around in insanely long lines, one of the publishers here should take note and make a line-standing video game. This was the room that was dedicated just to standing in line. Seriously.

One of many lines

Technical difficulties at the Sony booth while they try to set up a demonstration of their upcoming game Little Big Planet, allegedly coming out October 21.

Tech Trouble

Dark Lord of the Sith.

Darth Vader

Robert Khoo, the brains behind Penny-Arcade’s success, basking in the glory of his creation.

Robert Khoo

This guy was sitting on a stage, in front of thousands of people. Playing a video game.

Far Cry 2 Demo

More tonight after it’s all over.

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