PAX Day 1 Highlights

Oh my goodness guys I am so tired. I don’t care how many video game simulators you’ve played of video game conventions, nothing can really prepare you for fifteen hours of electronic gaming madness among the masses.

Highlights of Day 1:

  • STARCRAFT II.  TOTALLY PLAYABLE!  (Srsly u guys, I played it 4 rlz.  It was everything I dreamed it would be.  Yeah, so I dream about Starcraft.  So what.)
  • One of the PAX 10 games is made by a local one-man team right here in Seattle.  It’s a game about making sushi in the afterlife.  For real.  It’s called Sushi Bar Samurai.  More on this game and its creator later.
  • Holy crap the exhibition hall is huge.
  • World’s most gigantic Rick Roll in terms of screen size by Jonathan Coulton during his concert.

I’d write more but what I need now is sleep.  Actually the boss says I have to write a story about PAX before I head back tomorrow, so check the main site for that in the morning.

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