Mayor Politely Tolerates Endless Barrage of Teen Angst

At Mayor Nickels’ annual Youth Town Hall on Saturday, hundreds of teens aired their cliché teen concerns and shared their naïve teen hopes and dreams.

The predictable youths asked all the usual questions, from concerns about their schools to requests for more city programs geared toward their excessively needy demographic.

“It’s great to have a forum where we can share what’s important to us,” said Zadok Fyodostyvsk, a sophomore at Garfield High. “I just hope the Mayor is listening.”

“Sure I’m listening,” said Nickels, “but all they’re saying is blah blah angst, blah blah drama, blah blah naivety.”

According to an official tally, only two of the hundred and fifty questions asked of the Mayor were new to this year’s forum. Every other question was nearly word-for-word identical with questions that have been asked by teens at every previous Youth Town Hall on record.

Added the Mayor: “I mean seriously, do these kids even have the capacity to think about anyone other than themselves?”

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