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The Naked Loon is, as our subtle subtitle states, the Puget Sound’s Most Spectacular Newspaper. Founded on April 1st, 2008, The Naked Loon is the premier source of news for the entire Puget Sound region.


The Naked Loon is a satirical publication with new content published probably a few times a week. More often if you deadbeats get off your tails and send some money our way. The Naked Loon is published by Thatch Mound. The contents of The Naked Loon are © Copyright 2008 by Thatch Mound. Be nice and don’t copy our junk. Seriously.

All stories on The Naked Loon use fictional names, except when satirizing public fools figures. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. Or is it?

The content of The Naked Loon is not intended to be mean-spirited, foul, or crude. Our stories are a light-hearted take on local issues and anything else that happens to tickle our fancy. The Naked Loon is an equal-opportunity mockumenter. Don’t hate, congratulate.

Editorial submissions are encouraged, however The Naked Loon makes zero guarantees of any response or compensation for unsolicited submissions. Basically, if you send us ideas, you’re giving up all rights to them, so don’t complain if we use them. You may contact The Naked Loon here.


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Editor-In-Chief: Marty E.


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