Gregoire Gifted Yacht, Mansion by Tribes; Denies Conflict of Interest

According to a statement released today by Christine Gregoire’s campaign, a $50 million yacht and $5.4 million mansion given to her by the state’s Indian tribes do not constitute a conflict of interest, and anyone that suggests they do is racist, and probably also sexist.

While recent headlines have been focused on over $650,000 in contributions to Gregoire’s campaign from the tribes, the personal gifts of the yacht and mansion were not previously public knowledge.

“This is a preemptive strike against all the hateful bigots out there that simply do not understand the normal and natural flow of politics,” said Debra Carnes, Gregoire’s campaign communication director.

In addition to the house and the boat, the statement from the campaign also revealed that the tribes have given hundreds of smaller gifts to Gregoire over the last few years, ranging from “a few dozen iPhones” to “thousands of pounds of awesome personal fireworks.”

“It is utterly preposterous to suggest that the governor would somehow be influenced by these gifts,” said the campaign’s press secretary, who asked not to be named. “It really is amazing the crazy accusations that people will throw around in an election year.”

The statement described the notion that massive gifts by the tribes create an appearance of conflict of interest as “delusional” and “so entirely implausible as to be laughable.” It also said that those making such accusations “are quite clearly jealous of the tribes and of women.”

“I rejected the gambling compact because I realized that realistically, what would the state do with $140 million a year,” Gregoire is quoted as saying in the statement, referencing her 2005 decision to turn down a gaming compact between the tribes and the state. “I mean really, Washington State’s economy is literally the envy of the entire planet. We don’t need the tribes’ money.”

Although she received the deed to the 9,000 square foot Sammamish estate just weeks before her decision to nix the lucrative agreement, and was given the 120-foot boat mere days after, the gifts were described by the campaign as nothing more than a friendly gesture.

“It’s a sad day in America when a sitting politician can’t receive a few million dollars worth of personal gifts from a group that stands to make obscene amounts of money as a result of her decisions without being accused of impropriety,” said Carnes.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story included a picture of the incorrect yacht.

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8 Comments on "Gregoire Gifted Yacht, Mansion by Tribes; Denies Conflict of Interest"

  1. I’d sure be influenced by that many fireworks alone, much less the rest of this stuff.

  2. Wow! What a laugh. I got little confused over the “racist or sexist” comments; justification, maybe?

  3. I think this is another example of irresponsible journalism, calling attention to crooked representatives during an election year. We should not be swayed by trivial things like the behavior of politicians while they are in office.

    I’m surprised you managed not to mention how she was elected after demanding three recounts — the Republicans nearly managed to prevent dozens of dead people and convicted felons from voicing their legitimate views in the election.

    It is critically important to re-elect the governor so that she can form a subcommittee to study what sort of committee should debate a solution to the traffic problem. Without that, we will never be issued our fleet of state-issued bicycles in time for cars to be outlawed.

    Committee to Re-Select Gregoire

  4. This is all made up [swears removed—read the comment policy genius.]. Christine would never do anything wrong. To say she did proves how ignorant you are. The reporter Ash, rhymes with ass, is a right-wingnut liar. He probably is voting for McSame because he adores Bush so much.

    If you hate the agenda the Republicans are running on visit my world famous blog and tell us how much you love Christine and hate everything Republican.

    Be careful with the web address, if you type .com it takes you to my money making site.

  5. I hope she got a better plan then I did when I got my Iphone. I got jipped by ATT. If she wins does that mean she is going to have a grand old firework display at the mansion!!!

  6. Ulysses | 2008-08-10 at 3:25 PM |

    Regardless, I haven’t trusted a single Washington state election since I saw “Black Sheep.” Gregoire DOES have a resemblance to that actress, after all.

  7. Really she dosen’t know what washington stat would do with 140 million in revenue from the indian gaming!!!!! Wow,…we are paying the HIGHEST gas tax in the NATION….how about helping all of us who live here survive( NO I do not commute a long distance, I live in the same city I work in, but it would be nice to get gas at a cheaper rate)

  8. thats probably a made up quote Kmgdmn, but she did reject a lucrative casino contract worth 145 million annually, and what do you know? The tribes were major contributors to her campaign…. probably just a coincidence

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