New Gregoire Campaign Signs Bite Back

Following a series of reports this week from Puget Sound residents returning from the arid wasteland of Eastern Washington where they witnessed Dino Rossi campaign signs bearing the message “Don’t Let Seattle Steal This Election,” Christine Gregoire has launched a counter-offensive campaign in King County.

Campaign spokesman Aaron Toso explained the move, saying, “Dino Rossi is pure evil. It’s time we brought that message to the people of Seattle.”

The signs promote Christine Gregoire using a number of sound bites designed to appeal to the raw emotion of Seattle voters in the same way that the “Don’t Let Seattle Steal This Election” signs appeal to the passions of uncivilized yokels from Twisp to Pullman.

Among the new pro-Gregoire slogans:

  • Save The Braindead East-Siders From Themselves!
  • Rossi Burns Crude Oil For Fun.
  • Screw ‘Em—Let’s Steal This Election!

Interested Seattle Gregoire supporters can request the signs by visiting Gregoire’s campaign page at

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4 Comments on "New Gregoire Campaign Signs Bite Back"

  1. Jack LeCerveau | 2008-06-22 at 9:25 AM |

    I understand that the Gargoyle Campaign has also sent word out to take down license numbers of vehicles having the hated “DinoCrat” bumper stickers on them. Those numbers are to be turned into Gargoyle’s ‘Big Sister’ office in Olympia where ‘FUTURE ACTION WILL BE TAKEN’.
    Gee, I could almost get real paranoid about that!

  2. Chotzie | 2008-06-24 at 8:23 AM |

    You made me laugh all the way through. What a great story. I love coming here and seeing how creative you guys can be. Keep it up, we need more laughs in this world. When I first started reading you my husband was looking at me funny then he realized it is satire. Love it! Chotzie

  3. James in The E-WA Wastelands (and lovin' it) | 2008-06-29 at 9:44 PM |

    Chotzie … what do you mean by satire? Are they solid?

  4. Ronald Makinson | 2008-07-03 at 7:33 PM |

    This is great! Funny stuff guys, keep it up.

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