How are We Affording Homes Around the Sound?

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  1. Jack LeCerveau | 2008-05-25 at 9:23 PM |

    Be a part of the new fashion trend for people who live in the City of Gunfire, the New Seattle! Sell new stylish cut overcoats made of Kevlar. Just think what benefit this could have been to the gunshot victims this weekend at the Northwest Folklife Festival. There are big profits in this business. Another way to go is to become a Federal Fire Arms Dealer and sell guns to citizens who need protection from the drugged out gang elements in the city. Wow, new career time for Seattle.

  2. Who didn’t expect a shooting at Folklife? I know that if I were there I would want to be shot.

  3. Oh, as if anyone can out-price the Chinese for gold farming in WoW… come on now. ;)

  4. All-ramen diet…that was my LIFE in college.

  5. Seattle Times retired columnist Steve Johnson came out of retirement for 15 minutes last Sunday with the epiphany that he couldn’t afford to buy his house today. There’s a bunch of us hunkered down in homes we bought 10-15 years ago, holding on by our fingernails and praying taxes level off. For those of you who don’t have houses yet, I’m afraind your only hope is to commute from Forks–or move to Arkansas.

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