This New Statue in Fremont Honors:

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Nigel Jones
Naked Loon Photographer / Illustrator

3 Comments on "This New Statue in Fremont Honors:"

  1. Thanks. Don’t know how I’d keep up with what’s going on around here without you folks.

  2. Honors child molesters along with the naked fountain statue at Pier 70.

  3. JP Patches, raised me! From his first morning on the air, to the afternoon shows, parents asleep or running the tavern. Gertrude in drag and magic of ICU2 TV technology and broadcasting standards fostering community local events, actual journalism instead of 57 channels, news cycle as entertainment and just nurturing us 50’something boomers to be bloated, selfish, consumers. Lest I digress: JP’s checklist: 1. Mind Mommy and Daddy 2. Wash hands face neck and ears 3. comb hair 4. brush teeth, 5. drink milk 6. Eat all your food. 7. Say your prayers 8.Share your toys, 9. Put toys away. 10 Hang up clothes….simple and you’re a Patches Pal!

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