Surprised By August Rains?

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Nigel Jones
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4 Comments on "Surprised By August Rains?"

  1. Good one!

  2. Jonathan Gardner | 2008-08-25 at 3:19 PM |

    Apparently, the secret of our warm (but not hot) and dry summers was getting out. The UW metereologists did the right thing. Now we can continue to spread rumors about incessant rainfall in the Northwest and keep our summers free from tourists.

  3. I don’t think a linear relationship is correct, especially on the left side of the graph. For example, newcomers think it rains all the time and therefore would have little surprise to see August rain. The surprise level would likely spike after 1 or 2 summers and then decrease.

  4. For anyone who recently moved here from California: don’t worry, I’m sure it will stop raining by 2013 or so.

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