Thank Goodness It’s Polar Fleece Season!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one that was relieved—no, overjoyed to look out my window in recent days and see gray skies and drizzle.

When the thermometer drops into the fifties, I can barely contain my enthusiasm as I head to the closet to pull out that hallmark of any self-respecting northwesterner’s wardrobe: the polar fleece.

With its blinding blue skies and unbearable high temperatures in the seventies, summer in Seattle this year seemed to last a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong—T-shirts are great, but after nearly four straight weeks of blistering Seattle heat, it was well past time to give the witty t-shirt slogans a nine or ten month rest.

The best part about polar fleece is its versatility. Polar fleece is great for going to the mall (not to buy anything, mind you, since we’re all broke thanks to the economy). It’s perfect for everything from camping to going out to eat (back in the day when we could afford to). Just hanging around the house? Time for polar fleece.

Is there anything polar fleece is not good for? No. That is a stupid question, and you are stupid (and also possibly just plain evil) for having asked it. Seriously, what are you, a Californian or something? Just shut up, get in your car, go to REI, and buy some polar fleece.

There is no better experience than sliding on polar fleece, basking in the warm fuzzy feeling as it washes over you, and knowing that you are one with the northwest.

Don’t even get me started on polar fleece and Seattle ladies. Whoops, too late. Who can deny the appeal of a fine Seattle lady sporting three or four layers of clothing, topped off with a thick polar fleece? Smokin!

Polar fleece is quite possibly the best invention in clothing history, bar none. Forget about nanotechnology, microfibers, or any of that fancy nonsense. Polar fleece provides the pinnacle in comfort, convenience, and fashion all in one.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that polar fleece season (roughly September through May) is easily the best time of year. California and Arizona can take their endless sunshine and stuff it. A cloudy sky means its polar fleece time, and polar fleece time is the best time.

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  1. JesseJB | 2008-10-27 at 9:18 AM |

    Oh man nothing hotter than Seattle girls decked out in lumpy, musty polar fleece. HOT!!!

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