Google to Seattle: Seriously Guys, Drop Dead

In a hand-written note wrapped around a brick thrown through a Seattle City Hall window, San Francisco-based Google Inc. reiterated its position Wednesday that they will “never, ever, not in a thousand million years be bringing Street View to Seattle.”

The message from the internet giant cleared up confusion among Seattle residents, a number of whom reported spotting Google Street View cars roaming area streets over four months ago. According to Wednesday’s statement, the cars were in fact decoys sent to drive Seattle streets for the sole purpose of taunting Seattleites.

We contacted a representative from Google for additional insight into the latest communication.

“We thought our press release back in April made it clear that we have no intention of bringing Street View to Seattle,” said Google Web Specialist Ryan Germick, still wearing the orange blockman suit from the Street View introductory video. “It is seriously fun to mess with you guys—you’re so gullible.”

In addition to the fake Street View cars, Germick pointed out that Google’s extension of Portland-area Street View coverage into southwest Washington which stops abruptly just south of the Puget Sound region should also have been an obvious sign to Seattle residents.

“I think my favorite insult to Seattle would have to be the fact that we recently added portions of France to Street View,” said Germick. “Why don’t you guys let that one sink in for a while—France has Street View, but Seattle does not.”

Among other areas recently added to Google’s Street View coverage: Augusta, SC, Topeka, KS, Lubbock, TX, Billings, MT, and Spokane, WA.

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3 Comments on "Google to Seattle: Seriously Guys, Drop Dead"

  1. Hahaha… nice! Amusing (but fake) “quotes” from Google…

    Those of you who live in Seattle should know that it’s probably hard to find a clear day! I’ve seen pictures of Street View cars with covers over the camera, so they must not like the rain. Also, if the weather is all gloomy and sad on the day they take pictures, would you really want Seattle memorialized that way?

    Better to let Google get nice pictures than rush and get partial or crappy ones!

    Just my non-Seattle $0.02…

  2. Too funny…That Google guy is nuts! Check out some of these pre-Seattle Google Street View finds:

  3. Heh. Your other article always comes up first when I try to find out what’s up with that. And with my new G1, it’s been on the forefront of my mind. I love that T-Mo is headquartered here, too, and there’s no local street view to test.

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