PAX is Upon Us!

I can’t believe it’s already here again! PAX 2008 is upon us! Is there anybody more psyched about this than me? Probably! Is there anybody that doesn’t live in their parents’ basement and puts on deodorant every day that is more psyched about this than me? Maybe not!

Oh yeah, by the way, welcome to The Naked Loon’s newest blog, 1337 Gamerz. I’m your host, Naked Loon Technology Reporter John Fostr. On this blog I’ll be reporting on the latest important video game trends and news, with a special emphasis on awesome.

First up on the agenda: PAX ’08, the ultimate gaming mecca of our modern age. I’ll be busy at the show all day for the next few days, but check this space for updates in the evenings, when I’ll take some time to unwind and share the majesty of PAX ’08 with those of you that couldn’t attend because you’re too busy doing something less important.

For now, enjoy gawking at this amazing PAX ’08 cake, crafted by the brother of PVP Online‘s own Scott Kurtz.

PAX '08: 3D cake that will make you crap your damn pants!

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