What Color Best Represents Your Values?

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Nigel Jones
Naked Loon Photographer / Illustrator

4 Comments on "What Color Best Represents Your Values?"

  1. Harlequin, definitely.

  2. Bob Snakely | 2008-08-12 at 5:46 AM |

    I like the color between Harlequin and Green: BLACK. That’s the same color as my Glock 19 which I cling to along with my bible. That way I am protected from global warming and those awful plastic water bottles.

  3. J ENIGMA | 2008-08-12 at 6:44 AM |

    What, no moss?

  4. I am so offended: this graph is not color-blind-friendly. I see Celadon and everything else, that’s it. Man. Psh. Dude. C’mon. Phuh.

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