Schadenfreude Means Big Money for Local Musician

As the stock market continues its historic plunge, one local musician is making literally tens of dollars on an original hit song: Wall Street Inferno.

Ballard resident Michael Locowitz generally spends his days trolling various internet message boards, arguing heatedly about the latest headlines. However, internet arguments had to take a back seat when inspiration struck as Locowitz watched the stock market tumble last week.

“I was listening to the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack while I schooled some internet punk in an argument about [Vice Presidential candidate Sarah] Palin’s pregnancy conspiracy, when the track ‘Disco Inferno’ by The Trammps started playing,” explained Locowitz. “I was like—whoa, what if this song was about the current financial crisis!”

Less than three hours later, Locowitz had composed and recorded his gem, and placed it for sale on his website

For those without internet access, Locowitz has graciously provided The Naked Loon with a full copy of the lyrics:

Wall Street Inferno

Burn baby burn! Burn baby burn!
Burn baby burn! Burn baby burn!

Stock market highs, it’s time to say goodbye.
The ARMs gettin’ loose y’all – big mortgage payments comin’ due.
Banks implodin’ – out of control.
It was so entertainin’ – when the bubble started to explode.
I heard somebody say:

Burn baby burn! – Wall Street inferno!
Burn baby burn! – Burn that market down y’all.
Burn baby burn! – Housing inferno!
Burn baby burn! – Burn that bubble down.

Satisfaction came in the chain reaction.
I couldn’t get enough, watching housing self destruct.
Subprime heat was on, rising to the top!
All the bulls were goin’ strong,
When suddenly the mortgages flopped.
I heard somebody say:


Yelling off his head; I see Cramer on the air.
That makes me know; there’s a meltdown somewhere…

Bailout billions can’t stop the chain reaction.
It’ll never be enough, to stop the market self destruct.
Recession’s on, rising to the top.
Ben Bernanke was so wrong,
The economy has finally popped.
I heard somebody say:


It just can’t stop,
When the bubble gets popped.
Just can’t stop,
When the bubble gets popped.

Burning, burning, burning, burning…

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  1. I found the totally secret easter-egg link in this article! Woo-Hoo!

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