Jumbo-Sized Frosted Mini Wheats Blow Tukwila Man’s Mind

TUKWILA, WA—Twenty-eight-year-old Tukwila resident Steve Swenson had his mind blown on Saturday by the Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats: Big Bite cereal that he enjoyed for breakfast.

“I pulled the box out of the pantry and was like, whoa,” said Swenson, a Supply Chain Specialist for local aerospace manufacturer Boeing. “It’s like, they’re mini, but big at the same time… how is that possible?”

The cereal reportedly consisted of the usual mix of healthy whole grain wheat with a delicious light sugary coating on one side, but instead of coming in the standard diminutive size, the “Big Bite” Mini-Wheats were three to four times larger than normal.

According to eye-witness reports, after pouring the cereal and milk into his bowl, Swenson realized that he had to go back to the silverware drawer for a bigger spoon. Fortunately, he pulled off the spoon switch maneuver in record time, thus preventing his cereal from getting too soggy.

“These Big Bites have opened my mind up to whole new possibilities in the immeasurably vast world of breakfast cereal,” said Swenson. “I wonder if they make a ‘nano-bite’ version, too? That would be pretty awesome.”

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