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Moderately Insane Road Trip Ideas

Another fun road trip game: Count the Road Bumps (there are two in this picture)
Nigel Jones | The Naked LoonAnother fun road trip game: Count the Road Bumps (there are two in this picture)

Let’s talk for a moment about road trips. Sure, gas prices are making all our ears bleed, but why should we let that stop us from making summer road trips?

What is there not to love about a road trip? Spending hours at a time crammed into a high-speed tin can is our kind of fun. Spewing out noxious fumes as we cruse the hills and plains, all the while emptying our wallets as we rack up credit card debt to fill the tank every 300 miles.

Seriously, how can you not enjoy road trips? This summer maybe we’ll go see the world’s largest twine ball, or maybe stop at every Starbucks from here to Maine.

Have you ever played any road trip games? One of our favorites is the one where everyone in the car rolls down their windows and JUMPS OUT while the car is going 70mph down the freeway. That one is great.

Or, have you tried the one where you take turns seeing how long you can keep your eyes closed while driving? Good times.

One more—try trading clothes with the person next to you—without using your hands!

Seriously, road trips are fun. Don’t let the cost of gas make you miss out.

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One Comment on “Moderately Insane Road Trip Ideas”

  1. I love the idea of sight seeing in the Emerald City. What sights would be wonderful? How about:
    Drug dealer ID-Drive down the main drags in downtown starting with 3rd Avenue and drive them back and forth noting the locations of the ‘cribs’ gang drug dealers and the corner they are doing business on.
    Bullet holes in store fronts- While doing the above also have a game to count the bullet holes in the street level fronts of the buildings.
    Night drive in Rainier Valley- With the windows down and driving slowly after dark listen to and count the number of gunshot sounds that are heard and from what neighborhood. Then stop watch time to see how long it takes for the cops to show up, if at all in the Valley of Death.

    Follow the Ambulance- Have fun with high speed tailgating of the emergency vehicles as they take their latest gunshot victims to Harborview! Try and not get arrested, if the police try and pull you over, get in the express lanes of I-5 and see just how fast the new Seattle Police cruisers really are! Maybe you will be featured on the newest edition of ‘COPS’.


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