How are We Dealing with High Gas Prices?

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3 Comments on "How are We Dealing with High Gas Prices?"

  1. Jack LeCerveau | 2008-06-04 at 12:39 PM |

    Why not build a still? Then pack it up with corn and yeast and let it ferment. Then distill the mixture and use it to power your car and at the same time give you a big charge with a couple of big swigs. If you drink enough of your own product, you will just forget all about these high gas prices, and the global warming nut cases that want to take away your car.

  2. The art of the syphon, ftw!

  3. I don’t see my “solution” on the chart. I got sacked from my job. I’m driving a LOT less now! But the “crying self to sleep each night” option sounds appealing.

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