What Are We Waiting For, Let’s Kick Off 2012 Already!

Is it just me, or is it boring in here? I mean, ever since Election Day, life has been so… bland.

It’s almost like nobody even cares anymore about how evil the Republicans are. Where are the heated discussions about all the freedoms the Republicans have stolen from us? Where are the echo chambers where I can meet with other self-righteous liberal zealots to sing the unbridled praises of Obama?

Before the election, I could drop by pretty much any blog or forum online, no matter the topic, and start an entertaining argument that would last for days on any political subject from the third Bush/Rove term under McCain to the ninety-nine ways Sarah Palin hates freedom.

I think it’s safe to say I’m not alone when I request—nay, demand—that we kick off the 2012 campaign as soon as is humanly possible.

Following most previous presidential elections, the politically astute public has been forced to endure an unbearable period of nearly three full years without the smears, the hollow rhetoric, and the good old-fashioned mudslinging that comes with the presidential race. This past cycle was slightly better, kicking things off in mid-2007, but I believe the time has come to introduce a full four-year presidential campaign.

Think of the possibilities… Instead of limiting the candidate pool for the parties to a measly eight or nine serious contenders, we could kick off Decision 2012 with an entire bracket of 512 candidates, winnowing down half the contenders every six months or so through a grueling process of political theatre and media scrutiny.

CNBC’s political coverage is great and all, but once we make the transition to non-stop presidential election cycles, we could have an entire network dedicated to nothing but the presidential campaigns! I’m literally getting tingles up my spine just imagining the beauty of it.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s kick off the 2012 campaign already! I’m itching to break out the anti-Palin material ASAP, and I simply cannot tolerate waiting any longer than absolutely necessary. Let’s get this party started.

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Stephanie Wiltshire
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