Microsoft Unveils Barista Barista Revolution

As the video game trade show E3 wrapped up in Los Angeles today, Microsoft stole the show with their surprise announcement of a revolutionary new game exclusively for the Xbox 360: Barista Barista Revolution.

Scheduled for release in spring 2009, Barista Barista Revolution will put players in the role of a coffee shop barista as they grind, tamp, pull, and steam their way to the perfect espresso, in rhythm to the beat of dozens of today’s top hits.

“We’re really pumped about this innovative new game,” said lead developer John Parker.

The game is expected to retail for $120, and thanks to an exclusive partnership with Starbucks, will include a wireless espresso machine game controller—an 80-pound full-scale model of the most common unit found in Starbucks around the world.

Microsoft representatives gave a 45-minute live demonstration of the game on the E3 stage, with two of the game’s developers facing off in a battle for the best brew.

“Our driving motivation for BBR was to bring the thrill and excitement of the United States Barista Championship into the living room,” explained Parker, as the contest waged behind him. “As you can see, that is exactly what we have accomplished.”

After the announcement and demonstration, we were able to get some one-on-one time with the game, and what we saw was indeed impressive. The experience of pulling shots and steaming milk was highly realistic, and the selection of songs was fresh, greatly enhancing the fun.

Additional wireless espresso machines will be sold for $80 each, or avid baristas-in-training can purchase Barista Barista Ultimate Edition. At $360, BBR:UE comes with four wireless espresso machines, four aprons, and a pound of Starbucks’ signature Pike Place Roast.

Up to four players at a time can compete in a simultaneous BBR brew-fest. “The four-player BBR experience provides the greatest level of intense barista competition immersion,” said Parker.

Leading up to BBR’s spring release Microsoft will be revealing a series of teasers about the game on their website, including song lists, unlockable features, and downloadable content.

“Barista Barista Revolution is set to be the number one game of 2009,” said Parker as he concluded the presentation. “There is literally no possible way any game could be more exciting and engaging.”

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5 Comments on "Microsoft Unveils Barista Barista Revolution"

  1. I can not wait to buy this one… I have been wanting to work on my latte art can not wait to see the realism in steaming the perfect picture of milk. I am convinced this is the key to perfecting my latte art. Hopefully this will give me the edge. Not mention this should give all those Communications majors a taste of what work will be like when they graduate with a degree and $40,000 in school loans.

  2. I hate to say this, but being an actual barista and trainer for over 5 years in the coffee industry, I know that there is no way a video game can realistically teach tamping, steaming milk or latte art and it definitely is not as fun as doing it at an actual espresso machine. The excitement of the USBC can’t really be brought into the living room, you have to be there to watch a barista at work in a championship competition. Good luck with all of that.

  3. Great! :-(

    Now everyone will think they are a barista…

    On the positive side, this should spark a bit of interest in speciality coffee so could have very positive spin offs for the coffee industry.

  4. There is no way on this planet called EARTH that your going to learn anything about being a barista by playing a video game that will cost you $120. If anyone is interested about perfecting your shots of espresso or pouring those beautiful rosettas, I suggest you start working with a REAL espresso machine with REAL coffee enthusiasts, in which the experience you get is just priceless.

  5. This is clearly a joke, The first 4 comments and responses were hilarious though. I love how the NakedLoon, much like the Onion, makes humorless people actually look dumb.

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