Solution to Viaduct More Committees, Committee Says

A committee made up of city, state and county officials commissioned to study solutions to the Alaska Way Viaduct announced their latest findings today. The committee released a statement indicating that they have finally determined a definitive solution to the problem of the crumbling Viaduct. That solution, according to the committee, is to form more committees.

“I’m a little embarrassed it took us this long to see the obvious answer that was staring us in the face this whole time,” said Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

The report from the committee laid out an extensive plan to solve the Viaduct issue by convening a series of seventy-three separate committees over the next twenty years.

“By assembling a non-stop string of committee after committee ever since the Viaduct was damaged by earthquake in 2001, we have so far been able to prevent it from collapsing,” said state Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond. “Why deviate from a solution that is already working so well?”

The first five committees that will begin meeting immediately under the committee’s plan are:

  • Surface Texture Committee
  • Earthquake Study Committee
  • Committee Schedule Committee
  • Hopes and Dreams Committee
  • Committee Structure Committee

The committee’s full 53,872-page report is available for download on the project website.

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6 Comments on "Solution to Viaduct More Committees, Committee Says"

  1. As non-action, non-decision, non-progress continues….

  2. I’m not convinced this is the right solution.

    Did they consider bringing in consultants on the committee’s committee structure?

  3. I cant wait until we reach the need for a blue-ribbon commission!!!

  4. Jack LeCerveau | 2008-07-04 at 9:55 AM |

    Let’s face it we are need of:
    More attorneys and trial lawyers to be involved.
    More consultants from Engineering and Consulting Firms.
    More political consultants who can play the game
    More tax dollars diverted to the tunnel program for more committees
    More do nothing nothing nothing and nothing.

    Besides the Tunnel will cause more CO2 and more global warming by having more cars. We should just shut down the viaduct.

  5. Peter Selig | 2008-07-17 at 8:55 PM |

    I am from Boston. I think Seattle needs the BIG DIG!
    23 Billion and still counting!

  6. Maybe Tim Eyman has a few ideas… how do we get him on the next committee!!

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