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David Horsey: Papyrus Lover

I usually try to avoid exposing myself to the predictable and unfunny graphical musings of “cartoonist” David Horsey, but I spotted something in today’s thumbnail on the front page that caught my eye. Yes, that’s right. The P-I’s illustrious illustrator couldn’t even be bothered to hand-draw his own script for today’s “comic.” He went with Papyrus. I wouldn’t […]

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Important Feed Changes

Attention, Naked Loon RSS and email subscribers. By popular request, beginning tomorrow the default Naked Loon feed will be converted to news-only content.

Q: Huh?
A: Your current RSS or email subscription updates with all news content and blog content, including this blog, Forecast Monkey, and others. The new default will be for news content only.

Q: So how do I get the new news-only feed?
A: Sit there and do nothing. Your feed will be converted automatically.

Q: But I like the blogs! How can I get them back?
A: If you would like to regain an RSS or email subscription to Naked Loon blog content, visit our Feeds page for the full buffet of subscription options.

Q: You’re a doodie-head.
A: I’m not sure how that’s relevant. And I am not.

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