Email This Story Function Fixed

Just a quick programming note to let readers know that the “Email This Story” function is now functioning again, after having been broken for around a month (thanks a lot, WordPress 2.7).

You now have our permission to resume your regularly scheduled friend-spamming.

For those readers that are staring slack-jawed at the monitor right now, with no clue what the heck we’re talking about, consider yourself to have been virtually fish-slapped. Then go read one of the news stories and notice the “Email This Story” link on the top-right of the story and also at the bottom underneath the ratings. And while you’re at it why don’t you click on a few of them and spread the news of The Naked Loon.

The Naked Loon: Fixing stupid bugs and not going out of business or being sold by heartless east coast ownership since 2008!

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