CREDIT IN CRISIS: Naked Loon Special Edition

The credit crisis is probably the biggest disaster to strike our nation since we narrowly avoided a deadly bird flu epidemic.  Or was it SARS.  Anyway, the point is that if not for the BIG BOLD HEADLINES and terrifying stories all over the evening news for weeks straight, we surely would have endured massive carnage.

So in the time-honored journalism tradition of relentlessly beating the big scary story of the day with a seemingly unending steam of sensationalist stories, I present CREDIT IN CRISIS: Naked Loon Special Edition.

Consider this your heads up that for the next week or so, most of our stories on The Naked Loon will be focusing on the growing national and international financial crisis, it’s deadly worldwide ramifications, and how its personification will sneak into your home at night and strangle the family dog.

You can trust The Naked Loon to bring you the latest important economy-crushing, credit-destroying, hand-flailing, running-in-circles-screaming news about the credit crisis.

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Marty E.
Naked Loon Editor-in-Chief

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  1. the man | 2008-10-03 at 9:36 PM |

    I boy – I can’t wait!

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