Lame Excuses

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to run a consistent online newspaper business, and suddenly your entire staff just up and leaves on a road trip without giving you any notice, and they say they’re going to write stuff from the road, but they only send you a couple of stories, and then they give you some story about how they got a tank of bad gas in Oregon, and it cost them over $400 to fix their car, and they’re sorry but they just haven’t had the time to write you stories, and why don’t you just post a cute picture of a raccoon or something, and anyway we’ll be back Friday and we’ll get right to work, we promise.

I hate it when that happens. Stupid Oregon.

Stupid Oregon

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3 Comments on "Lame Excuses"

  1. Yet another reason to plan on the Oregon ( New South Washington ) invasion soon.

  2. So that’s why there hasn’t been much new lately.

  3. Rachel C | 2008-09-30 at 1:43 PM |

    I love cute racoons!!!

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