Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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WSDOT Inadvertently Creates Video Game Gem

Okay, so I had an interesting thought while watching this video uploaded by WSDOT to show off the fancy new Viaduct tunnel plan that is totally, for real, absolutely, definitely what we’re going to do you guys, we really mean it this time.

Here’s the video:

Check out the fly-in from about 0:12 to 0:30. Here’s the big question that comes to my mind when watching that sweet 3D shot of downtown Seattle… Why in the heck aren’t these digital assets being used in video games?

It looks to me like WSDOT has a pretty well-detailed 3D model of downtown Seattle, even going so far as to model the stacks of shipping crates on the industrial piers. Why aren’t they licensing that content to one of the various Seattle-based video game makers?

We’re talking about a win-win-win situation. That’s a triple win. Game makers win because they don’t have to create their own model of Seattle. Game players (such as myself) win because we could finally get some decent games set in our town. And finally, the state wins because they get paid a bunch of money for something they already happen to be doing anyway.

I’ma gonna send this to my friend at WSDOT and see if I can get a good reason why this has not already happened. Because frankly, the lame-o appearances of “Seattle” in the GameCube versions of Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters and sports games like NBA Street Vol. 2. are just not doing it for me anymore.

Election Day = Bad News for Stardock

The Political MachineWhile many of us are thrilled that election day has finally come, bringing and end to the longest, most idiotic campaign cycle in history, I know one group of people that will be sad after today, regardless of the outcome. I’m referring to the fine folks at Stardock, maker of the PC game The Political Machine.

I can’t think of any other video game that has such a distinct and predictable point at which the value of the game goes from full price to zero. Granted, they’re still trying to sell it for $19.95 on the website, but I think that’s part of the joke. Already in the last week or so I have seen the game in the discount bin at Target for $10.

So fellow gamers, whether you’re a bleeding heart liberal or a right-wing wacko, let’s put aside our differences today and pour one for our homies at Stardock.

PAX ’08: Line Line Revolution

The unofficial theme of PAX ’08 was “standing in line is awesome.” Behold some of the incredible line action on Sunday, the least crowded day of the expo.

The line for Rock Band 2, which is way different from Rock Band, and totally worth standing in line for 30 minutes to play.

Rock Band 2 Line

One of about a dozen mini-lines for the Starcraft II terminals.

Starcraft II Line

At least these people waiting to play Singstar at the Sony booth had a chance of winning free prizes.

Singstar Line

I can see why people would stand in line to play Left 4 Dead. I mean, it’s not like there are any other video games around where you can shoot zombies.

Left 4 Dead Line

The best I can figure is that the people in the back of this picture are waiting in line at the Bungie booth to play Halo 3.

Bungie Line

Who wouldn’t want to wait in line for half an hour or more to cram into a phone booth sized box where you can play a first-person-shooter—in space!

Dead Space Line

PAX Photos for Great Justice

How about a few pictures from the majesty that is PAX?

Jerry & Mike answer questions from a bunch of reporters. Jerry on booth babes: “I’m not going to slap around any women.” Good to know.

Jerry & Mike

Felicia Day (of Dr. Horrible fame) was here, promoting The Guild. Some dumb reporter got in my shot.

Felicia Day

Ok so the screen is totally washed out, but trust me, this is some of the Omeganauts competing at Boom Blox (one of the Wii’s most fun games).

Boom Blox

A pair of “Frag Dolls” demonstrate Ubisoft’s upcoming Naruto title, the sequel to Rise of a Ninja. Looks pretty sweet. The game, I mean.

Frag Dolls



Judging by the nerds’ willingness to stand around in insanely long lines, one of the publishers here should take note and make a line-standing video game. This was the room that was dedicated just to standing in line. Seriously.

One of many lines

Technical difficulties at the Sony booth while they try to set up a demonstration of their upcoming game Little Big Planet, allegedly coming out October 21.

Tech Trouble

Dark Lord of the Sith.

Darth Vader

Robert Khoo, the brains behind Penny-Arcade’s success, basking in the glory of his creation.

Robert Khoo

This guy was sitting on a stage, in front of thousands of people. Playing a video game.

Far Cry 2 Demo

More tonight after it’s all over.

PAX Day 1 Highlights

Oh my goodness guys I am so tired. I don’t care how many video game simulators you’ve played of video game conventions, nothing can really prepare you for fifteen hours of electronic gaming madness among the masses.

Highlights of Day 1:

  • STARCRAFT II.  TOTALLY PLAYABLE!  (Srsly u guys, I played it 4 rlz.  It was everything I dreamed it would be.  Yeah, so I dream about Starcraft.  So what.)
  • One of the PAX 10 games is made by a local one-man team right here in Seattle.  It’s a game about making sushi in the afterlife.  For real.  It’s called Sushi Bar Samurai.  More on this game and its creator later.
  • Holy crap the exhibition hall is huge.
  • World’s most gigantic Rick Roll in terms of screen size by Jonathan Coulton during his concert.

I’d write more but what I need now is sleep.  Actually the boss says I have to write a story about PAX before I head back tomorrow, so check the main site for that in the morning.