Tim Eyman: Introducing I-999 The Ultimate Anti- Government Initiative

We’ve been beating around the bush for long enough. It’s time we got serious about taking back control of our government from the business-as-usual bureaucrats that have taken over Olympia.

That’s why I’m introducing my latest initiative, I-999, which will completely eliminate the offices of state representatives, senators, judges, and governor.

I-999 is a smart, balanced, reasonable proposal that closes loopholes in state government that have allowed tax-raising government cronies to maintain a tight fist of control over the years, thwarting the will of the people time and again.

We’re very excited that the initiative process in Washington State allows us so much opportunity to govern as we the people see fit, but as we have seen in the past, simply passing initiatives is no longer enough. Too many times the people have let their voice be heard through an initiative, only to have it thrown out by the courts or discarded by the legislature.

In 1999 the people passed I-695 to limit car tab taxes, but the courts threw it out, and to this day $30 car tabs remain nothing more than a fantasy. In 2000, we passed I-722 to cut property taxes, but the courts threw it out.

Are you sensing a pattern here? We need to throw out the bums that are throwing out the will of the people.

It is time to stand up and say “no more.” No more will we allow our will to be overruled by the elite in Olympia. No more will we stand by and watch our taxes spiral out of control. No more will we let our elected leaders spit in each and every one of our faces—literally.

Opponents of our efforts will no doubt attempt to use the very system we seek to dissolve in an attempt to stop this measure from becoming law. We will need all the support we can get if we are going to succeed at abolishing our corrupt system of so-called elected so-called representatives.

When you think about it, what do we really need government for, anyway? It seems that all they do is raise our taxes and spend our money on useless projects. When we pass initiatives, they toss them out or only go along when it’s time for reelection. How is that representative of our desire to have amazing public services and little to no taxes? It’s not.

Your persistence, endurance, passion, credulity, enthusiasm, courage, inflammation, and determination have made our previous efforts a success. You are the ones that make this new initiative possible. So get out there and do your part to get I-999 on the ballot and passed this November.

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9 Comments on "Tim Eyman: Introducing I-999 The Ultimate Anti- Government Initiative"

  1. The man is still clueless….

  2. A little too plausible, really.

  3. Ulysses | 2008-04-13 at 3:34 PM |

    We should try this out in California. No more offices or anything. It would spark a great action movie starring…you guessed it…Schwarzenegger himself. With his shirt off and his sexagenarian torso both appealing to and disgusting the huddled masses of popcorn-popping drones, he would eventually just take back control of the state and continue to drive his Hummers everywhere, though…

  4. Last week the paper noted how the City of Tacoma will consider taxing each of its residents $100 to drive the streets of our town.

    “A transportation benefit district allows a local government to create a new taxing district. It would be separate from the city, but still run by the local council. Among the taxing options are a $100 annual fee per vehicle, a 0.2 percent increase in the sales tax and a property tax levy.”

    No where does it talk about the city’s obligation to carpool to work, buy hybrid vehicles, stop driving huge SUV’s or take the bus to its own council meetings.

    Does any city council member take the bus to their weekly Tuesday night meetings? I think not.

    So before our famed council tries to pond more cash out of our tax strapped residents, try living by your green living recommendations. Otherwise, stop preaching to the over taxed citizens in telling us how to live a more carbon neutral life, when you yourselves do not adhere to your rhetoric.

    This time Eyman is right. Citizens should vote for any tax increase that goes against the intentions of the $30 state car tab fee.

    Otherwise, Tacoma residents will get screwed by this city council, again. You can count on it coffee talk fans.


  5. wrinkle | 2008-04-13 at 8:45 PM |

    If only this story were true.

  6. This time? heh. You do realize what web site you are on, yes? no?

  7. “…our desire to have amazing public services and little to no taxes?”

    Yes! And we demand cake, both to HAVE and to EAT at the same time! And free everything on Tuesdays!

    We need government to provide structure to our society. We give the government some of our money, and it puts all our money together to structure the world we live in.
    Like regulating the energy industry so that everyone gets power in their homes, not just the people living in cost-efficient areas.

  8. Why can’t we just get rid of all the politicians that are and have been in office for the past 20-50 years? I mean why is there old men falling asleep during cabinet conferences? Because they are too darn old and should be retired anyways! But, no they get to remain in office and take our money and dictate our lives and our country!

  9. i suspect there would be lots of support for a movement that would require Senators and Reps not getting paid during the shut down.
    That anytime they created circumstances that furloughed government workers it would start with a reduction in their pay.

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