Seize the Spring, Before it’s TOO LATE

With temperatures reaching all the way up into the 60s, and wet and dreary days giving way to partial clouds with a mere 50% chance of rain, spring has finally taken hold here in the Puget Sound. As we begin to venture outside, away from the comfort of our marble countertops and bamboo floors, it is fun to rediscover all that the outdoors has to offer around the sound. For the half of the population that moved here from California in the last year, springtime offers a host of all-new experiences.

Whether you’re a lifetime local or a refugee from the barren wasteland of SoCal, there’s something for everyone in The Naked Loon’s guide to some of our area’s most popular spring activities.

Sometimes the selection of organic foods at the dozens of local hippie grocery stores just isn’t enough to satisfy our endless appetites for green. Fortunately, organic gardening is so easy, even a Bush supporter could do it. All you need is a little bit of organic dirt, some certified organic seed packets, and a cute little organic garden spade.

Simply stick the seeds in the ground, sit back, and watch the magic. Some weeds may grow in your organic garden, but pulling them up would disturb the delicate balance of Mother Earth, so just let them grow. If you aren’t able to overcome your prejudice against certain races of plant, you can grow organic vegetables indoors, instead. Just put them next to a sunny window, and water them regularly with all-natural organic spring water.

Come fall, you’ll be kissing Trader Joe’s goodbye, and enjoying a hearty vegan feast of your own private collection of garden delights, with a bonus helping of self-satisfied smugness for dessert.

The Puget Sound is home to a near endless supply of hiking trails, perfect for getting away from the crushing pain and isolation of your pitiful meaningless existence, and letting the beauty and grandeur of randomly-evolved nature lift your spirits.

Enjoying the outdoors is easy. Drop by REI and pick up a pair of walking shoes ($150), a water bottle ($50), walking stick ($75), some GORE-TEX in case of rain ($350), a GPS unit ($750) and you’re all set. Get out there and seize life.

Farmer’s Markets
With the dawn of spring, farmer’s markets begin popping up all over like dandelions in your organic lawn. Farmer’s markets are a great place to find all kinds of treasures, like hemp canvas grocery sacks, tacky hand-crafted jewelry, and custom “herbs” to suit your every need. Nearly every town has its own farmer’s market, even quaint little villages like Lacey and Des Moines.

Mission Accomplished
These are just some of the things that our area has to offer as winter finally releases us from her icy gray grasp. So make the most of the light showers with occasional sunbreaks, and enjoy another delightful Puget Sound spring.

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Martha Kostyra
Naked Loon Living Editor

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  1. “bonus helping of self-satisfied smugness for dessert.” nice. Sounds like Marin. Seriously. Except for all the bitterness “native” Seattlites have towards Californians.

  2. Rachel C | 2008-04-24 at 1:59 PM |

    Ya – we’re people too!!

  3. Californians are not people. They’re replicants, made from some kind of toxic plastic, mass-produced in factories in China, shipped to Hollywood to pad out street scenes in crappy summer movies. Some of these replicant extras escape to decent areas, and must be driven back. Fortunately, they usually dissolve in water, just like in Alien Nation.

  4. Oh is that how it works…

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