Weirdos Ask Google News: Is Obama the Antichrist?

Um, what the heck, people?

According to The Naked Loon’s web tracking software, on Wednesday and Thursday at least 43 people arrived at our recent point-counterpoint by doing a Google News search for “is obama the antichrist”, plus over 150 more that searched for obama antichrist, obama anti christ, obama the antichrist, and many other variations totaling over 200 visitors.

Seriously? People are searching Google News for this? Who are these people? At least one of them left a comment (#1), which gives us at least some clue as to the mindset of the type of individual that would search Google News for Obama’s Antichrist credentials.

This strange turn of events got me wondering… what other types of twisted searches are sending people to The Naked Loon?

Here’s a sampling of a few web searches (news and otherwise) that have landed unsuspecting internet users on The Naked Loon in the last month.

  • seattle is awesome – 9 searches
  • strip clubs for sale – 9 searches
  • pleather gloves – 8 searches
  • screaming at children – 7 searches
  • christine gregoire nude – 7 searches (oh how I wish I were making that one up)
  • darcy burner nude – 5 searches (seriously guys, find another hobby—yikes)
  • boeing ferrets – 2 searches


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6 Comments on "Weirdos Ask Google News: Is Obama the Antichrist?"

  1. “Christine gregoire nude”



    thats so damn sick

  2. Rachel C | 2008-11-10 at 3:04 PM |


  3. i sure do believe it.

  4. Were the searches for boeing ferrets nudes? Or just sexy?

  5. boeing ferrets? I hear they great a great dental plan…

  6. Charles Dean | 2008-11-21 at 9:50 PM |

    I liked the Boeing ferrets when their first album came out, but they totally sold out with their 2nd album.

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