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Most Unreadable Fonts

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4 Comments on “Most Unreadable Fonts”

  1. Someday I’ll find a use for Wingdings….maybe for emails to people who bug me.

  2. Ha. A graphic just for me. So I guess that means you’re not going web 2.0?

    In high school, in ’95 or so, we had a huge sign posted in the newspaper room that quoted our design manager that read (in Lithos), “LITHOS OR NO DICE

    So I, too, have the affinity for Lithos. It’s like being coddled by a giant fuzzy bear.

  3. And then there was the year that MO got the new Lithos-erific license plates. aaaaaahhhhhhh

  4. One question: what percent is the Wingdings font then.

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