Contract Breached, State Republicans Sue Cloud Seeders

Washington State Republicans filed suit in Superior Court Monday against an advanced weather-control laboratory, alleging that the cloud-seeders’ promised snow storm arrived in western Washington nearly six weeks too late to properly suppress the vote in the critical Democratic strongholds.

According to court documents, the WSRP contacted Spokane-based Storm Science, Inc. in April, contracting their services to generate a “winter storm of epic proportions” that would “ideally be large enough to completely shut down the entire city of Seattle.”

“We paid over three million dollars for all of this,” said Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) Chairman Luke Esser, gesturing out his Bellevue office window at the endless blankets of snow. “But it was supposed to hit on November third, not three weeks into December.”

When Storm Science, Inc. failed to deliver the promised storm in time to stifle votes in the populous left-leaning Puget Sound, the WSRP demanded a refund.

Storm Science, Inc. refused to issue a refund, instead pointing to Section 32, Chapter 12, Paragraph 19, Sub-Paragraph 11, initialed by Esser, which Storm Science, Inc. insists absolves them of financial responsibility in the event that the agreed-upon weather event arrives later than expected.

“I understand that they are upset,” said Stan Peterman, CEO of Storm Science, Inc. “But the contract they signed clearly stated that they understood that weather control is not an exact science, and results may take longer than anticipated.”

Due to the inclement weather, King County Superior Court was unable to process the WSRP’s suit. When contacted at his private residence Monday afternoon, Presiding Judge Bruce Hilyer indicated that he is unable to comment on the impending case until after the Court makes its own decision regarding whether or not to bring suit against the WSRP for lost productivity.

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