Rossi Admits Mafia Ties, Surges in Polls

Just two days after Republican candidate for governor Dino Rossi admitted ties to a powerful Italian crime syndicate, statewide polls show he has opened an overwhelming lead over Christine Gregoire.

In a poll of three thousand likely voters taken Wednesday Rossi leads Gregoire by over sixty points statewide. In an even bigger shocker, Rossi—who was behind by as much as 30 points in King County just last week—now holds a 61-37 lead in among Seattle area voters.

“Yeah, it’s the mafia thing,” said 23-year-old Megan McDuffin outside the Roosevelt Whole Foods. “I went to school in Chicago. That was one corrupt town, but things got done. I think that’s what Washington needs, someone to get things done.”

Rossi reiterated his promise Monday to cut through the red tape in Olympia and “clean up this joint.” He also revealed that much of his effectiveness while in the state senate was thanks to his “associates.”

“It’s not really important whether or not I put out a hit on Frank Chopp during the 2002 budget negotiations,” said Rossi. “What matters is that I got the job done. The people of Washington State deserve a governor that can come in and take care of the problems.”

Following Monday’s announcement, state GOP officials began a new series of television commercials touting Rossi’s executive experience as consigliere for the Gambino crime family. The campaign also introduced a new slogan: “Nice home you got here. It would be a real shame if something were to happen to it. Vote for Rossi.”

“Christine Gregoire is an empty suit,” said Rossi campaign spokeswoman Jill Strait. “It’s time for her to be knocked down, so we’re going to the mattresses to put an end to this thing.”

In response to Rossi’s surge in the polls, Gregoire has planned an impromptu press conference today to discuss her 4 years in a Quebec biker gang.

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5 Comments on "Rossi Admits Mafia Ties, Surges in Polls"

  1. Ulysses | 2008-09-04 at 4:57 PM |

    A Quebec biker gang? That’s like getting the tattoo “Hug Life” on your stomach and expecting it to make people afraid of you.

  2. How could Washington be willing to elect a governor that says he won’t support homeless people and wouldn’t even admit that he volunteered? Even if you were a Republican it seems like this would be too extreme to support someone that openly says he doesn’t care about people!

  3. cam: possibly because homeless people were the only people to benefit from electing the last governor?

  4. That sounds pretty likely to me jvon…. vote Rossi

  5. Patriot223 | 2010-10-05 at 9:43 AM |

    He is one of our last chances to save the senate. We need to stop this crazy marxist president and the only way is to take the senate. VOTE ROSSI.

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