Menacing Cloud Formation Spotted in Tacoma

Local meteorologists released a series of photographs Monday of a menacing cloud formation spotted in the skies above Pierce County.

Curiously darker than the surrounding fluffy white billows of water vapor, the mysterious shadowy wisps seem to be gathering for some foul purpose, according to KOMO 4 weather expert Jim Castillo.

“These are some of the most frightening clouds I’ve seen in quite some time,” said Castillo. “Who knows what dark objective they may be working toward.”

Although meteorologists could summon no scientific explanation for the phenomenon, this did not stop them from speculating wildly as to the origin or purpose of the formation.

“It’s probably some sort of marketing stunt for the upcoming season of Heroes—premiering Monday, September 22nd at 8 (7 central) only on NBC,” said KING 5 meteorologist Rich Marriott.

Other explanations run the range from a rare planetary alignment, to increasing local and national political tension, to migratory bird patterns. Even when locked in a padded cell for five hours with nothing more than a plastic bowl of trail mix, no two meteorologists seemed to agree on the nature of the puzzling mists.

Going out on a crazy limb, KIRO 7 meteorologist Rick VanCise stated that he believes that the clouds are nothing more than natural coincidence.

“If there were a gathering evil, believe me—I would know about it,” said VanCise. “What you have here is nothing more than a random combination of water vapor, sky, and sunlight. I can assure you that nothing evil is at hand… yet.”

VanCise refused to elucidate his ominous comments. When pressed, he drew a dark cloak over his face and scuffled into the shadows of the forest, startling our interviewer, who was previously unaware that a forest even exists within the KIRO studios.

Other experts on cloud formation from local universities and community colleges were more forthcoming, but also much more boring.

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  1. first actual sighting of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  2. Rex Road | 2008-09-16 at 8:14 PM |

    Looks more like the wore out cloud that has been hovering over Seattle sports since the last millenium.

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