Prepare for the Floods Without Sacrificing Style

With a flood watch in effect Thursday night for most of the Puget Sound, it is important to prepare your home to weather the storm. But don’t be fooled, preparing for the onslaught of fall and winter rains doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good taste.

Here are a few tips to help you weatherize your home with elegance and flair.

Sandbag in Style
Burlap sacks are so passé! Instead, build your retaining wall with sand-filled Gucci handbags, or—if you’re on a commoner’s budget—you can go for an outdoorsy feel by using REI backpacks. Don’t think that just because it’s not visible, you can skimp on the sand, either. A number of Seattle-area outlets carry sand from such respected names as Mediterranean, Alberto, and Oahu Beach.

Spruce your Roof
The last thing you want to have happen during a big storm is for your roof to spring a leak. It never hurts to take some precautions before the big rains hit. Get a can of high-gloss pink roof sealant and paint some big flowers over any spots that look questionable.

Dainty Damage Control
On the off chance that you do end up springing a leak or two, don’t fret. There are plenty of clever and classy ways to mask a leaking roof. For example, instead of putting a tacky bucket under the drip, try some strategically placed houseplants. Or if the leak is running inside your wall causing the paint to peel, slap up a vintage movie poster. Those are always appropriate.

Be Creative
No matter what happens, don’t let fall and winter storms get you down. Just because the sky is drab and gray doesn’t mean that your home has to be, too. Think color, think panache, and above all, think about maintaining your image. You wouldn’t want the neighbors to think that a storm got the better of you.

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  1. Rachel C | 2008-11-10 at 3:06 PM |

    Not only will placing a houseplant under that pesky leak serve to mask your embarassment over your faulty roof, it also allows you to spend less time incessently watering and more time playing DDR!!

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