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Seattle Sell-Off!

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7 Comments on “Seattle Sell-Off!”

  1. I think the Mariners should be on clearance or something.

  2. Is that an actual phone number?

  3. As long as you include a good shot of whiskey, I guess if I got whacked enough on booze, I could be convinced to pay $50 for the real estate that the Public Market sits on, so I can build green, 200 square foot concrete condos to save on global warming CO2 emissions and help save the city on one condition: Seattle City government would have to provide free bullet proof vests for tenants because of the gangs and their drugs.

  4. Is that an actual phone number?

    It appears to be the phone number for the Mayor’s office….

  5. Please add Greg Nickols to the list of questionable assets (notice the “t”) that should be sold off. Oh wait, he’s already been bought!

  6. What’s wrong with Fremont? I lived there like ten years ago and it was fine!

  7. You have the price for the Pile Place Market incorrect the city will be asking the voters for 75 million for the Market this winter

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