News Photo Contest: Times < P-I < Naked Loon

As you might expect, some of the other local papers also picked up on the story about city councilmembers using taxpayer money to pay for personal expenses. As I was checking out the stories in the Seattle Times (here) and the Seattle P-I (here), I noticed something interesting.

Check out the pictures the Times and the P-I used for their respective stories. Is it just me, or is the P-I’s picture the exact same photograph as what’s in the Times, but rotated slightly, cropped closer, and with the color balance tweaked?

According to the timestamps on the stories, the Times published theirs at 3:02 PM yesterday, while the P-I clocked in over six hours later at 9:46 PM. I’m thinking that the P-I editor realized that the only picture they had of McIver was the one the Times had already run with, so they decided to spice it up—make it a little more dramatic with the rotate / crop / color balance.

Little did they know that they were about to be totally one-upped by The Naked Loon in the battle for the most flashy McIver picture.

Seattle City Councilman Richard McIver


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  1. That’s a total batman style spin on the picture. Tilt the frame, adjust the color — it’s easy to tell who the bad people are!!! Good job!

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