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Frozen Zune 30GB: Live Webcam

Update: As promised by Microsoft, The Naked Loon’s 30GB Zune successfully booted to the main Zune menu after midnight. Happy New Year, you fabulous little obsolete brick! The ZuneCam will remain online until tomorrow at 12:00 noon.

Final Update: For posterity, the Live 30GB Zune Webcam has been archived as a slideshow below. Relive all the excitement and tension of the great Zune Apocalypse of 2k9 (minus one).

Every 30GB Zune on the planet broke down this morning in a massive worldwide software freeze. Even here at The Naked Loon we were affected. In order to provide continuing, up-to-the-minute coverage of this important worldwide crisis, we are proud to present the live 30GB Zune webcam below.

Just refresh this page to check and see if Microsoft has fixed the problem yet.

Refresh this page to see if/when the Zune magically fixes itself, as Microsoft’s official statement says it will.

11:00 PM – Zune unplugged from USB power.
11:58 PM – Zune screen shuts off.
12:08 AM – Zune plugged back in to power.
12:12 AMZune successfully reboots to main menu!
12:13 AM – Zune screen shuts off, recharging commences.

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5 Comments on “Frozen Zune 30GB: Live Webcam”

  1. Happy New Year little Zune! Welcome back to life.

  2. “recite in song” Hal-le-lujah!… Hal-le-lujah!… Happy Zuneaster to all! My lil’ brown 30gb iTurd has come back from it’s digital dormancy…

  3. Fantastic.

  4. I got one of these from my nephew for Christmas, and can anybody tell me this — where do you put the cassette in? I can’t figure this thing out, dang it. I’ve always got the 8-tracks in the closet as a backup, fortunately. Have to take the Granada out for a spin if I want to listen to those, however.

    Oh shoot, I have to go now to set my VCR to tape ‘That 70s show’ and ‘Mash’

    Anybody that can tell me how to to get the tape in this thing, please let me know — really!

  5. xD this is the second time that this is happen lucky my zune was on the Ac charger so i good. :)

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