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Better Living Through Parakeet

Naked Loon expert parakeet consultant FLAX.
striatic | FlickrNaked Loon expert parakeet consultant FLAX.

We sat down with FLAX, our expert parakeet consultant, who was gracious enough to share with us some of the life wisdom he has learned.

FLAX on enjoying the weekend:

Hrello hrello hrello.  Tweet!  Prerty bird, prerty bird.  Tweet tweet tweet, tweet-tweet tweet.  Hrello, cracker!  Chirp tweet tweet chirpity chirp.

FLAX on politics:

Tweeeet!  Twert.  Fwit tweet chirp!  TWEE TWEE TWEE TWEE TWEE TWEE!  Chir, chir, cheep.  Hrello cheep.  Chrip chirp tweeeeee!  Chreep chreeee.

FLAX on fine dining in Seattle:

Chit chit chit chreeep.  Twerept.  Cracker prerty cracker.  Breeetper.

FLAX on the Seattle dating scene:

Ber-cheep-bree.  Hrello.  Sbeerb-sbeeek tweerp.

Some thought-provoking stuff there, FLAX.  Thank you for your time.

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2 Comments on “Better Living Through Parakeet”

  1. Why does FLAX capitalize his entire name?

  2. Because it’s an acronym:

    Flying Lord of Alien eXtraterrestrials

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