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Company Revenue Probably About to Expand

In a stand-up meeting at Stanford Sprockets on Friday, company president Bill Brumsfield briefed the staff of 56 on the good news and the bad news of last month’s revenue figures.

“The bad news is that we didn’t meet our projected revenues and we have lost over five hundred thousand dollars this year,” said Brumsfield. “But—the good news is that we’re currently on track to lose less than we did in 2007, and we probably won’t have to file bankruptcy for at least another eighteen months!”

As Brumsfield used an overhead projector to display a crudely drawn graph with “monthly projections” scrawled above it, he explained that the company is set to improve their performance considerably in the coming months, increasing revenues by “well over five percent,” adding two, maybe three new customers, and turning a profit in the fourth quarter.

“If we can pull it off,” added Brumsfield.

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  1. In 1 week, Spacely will buy the assets for a sum of $5 million.

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