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The Papyrus Virus
Wednesday, July 1, 2009@ 8:13 am

David Horsey: Papyrus Lover

David Horsey: Papyrus Lover

I usually try to avoid exposing myself to the predictable and unfunny graphical musings of “cartoonist” David Horsey, but I spotted something in today’s thumbnail on the front page that caught my eye.

Yes, that’s right. The P-I’s illustrious illustrator couldn’t even be bothered to hand-draw his own script for today’s “comic.” He went with Papyrus.

I wouldn’t have previously thought it possible, but I think my opinion of David Horsey just fell even further. Tsk.

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3 Comments on “David Horsey: Papyrus Lover”

  1. We miss you guys!

  2. Why is that relevant?

  3. Patti, we miss us too.

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