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Tuesday, November 4, 2008@ 10:47 am

Election Day = Bad News for Stardock

The Political MachineWhile many of us are thrilled that election day has finally come, bringing and end to the longest, most idiotic campaign cycle in history, I know one group of people that will be sad after today, regardless of the outcome. I’m referring to the fine folks at Stardock, maker of the PC game The Political Machine.

I can’t think of any other video game that has such a distinct and predictable point at which the value of the game goes from full price to zero. Granted, they’re still trying to sell it for $19.95 on the website, but I think that’s part of the joke. Already in the last week or so I have seen the game in the discount bin at Target for $10.

So fellow gamers, whether you’re a bleeding heart liberal or a right-wing wacko, let’s put aside our differences today and pour one for our homies at Stardock.

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